Top 5 Clubs in Turkey


Turkey has always been my dream destination as I love a good beach holiday, especially one with a lively nightlife! When I finally got to visit Turkey this summer I decided to make the most of my two week trip and plan a nightlife tour like no other!

Kusadasi is a place formed of maze-like streets that are packed with bars, clubs and discos to suit everyone. There is also the brilliant and More >

New York Fishing

New York Charter Fishing


Have you already experienced the benefits of charter fishing and consider yourself a seasoned fisherman, or are you perhaps considering a first trip out, tempted by the thought of adventure and exotic waters, but feel a little daunted by the prospect of sailing the high seas? There are many people who enjoy fishing as a hobby , soak up the peace and solitude of drifting across a lake or sitting More >

Beaver Lake, North Wesr Arkansas

Lake Living in North West Arkansas


North West Arkansas is a groovy place, especially if you are lucky enough to spend your time there hanging out on one of the many man-made lakes that can be found in the region. Alright, these types of locales might have been designed for the wealthy and retired, but they’re so good plenty of people are scooting their way to Middle America for a slice of easy living.The recreational activities More >

Jamie Monteath's experience of The Crucible

The Thoughts and Travels of a Touring Actor


Jamie Monteath’s experience of The Crucible

At the age of seventeen, I was fortunate enough to have been accepted into an accredited drama school. This came soon after being the first student at a state school to achieve 100% in the acting exam for the drama curriculum. How that is even possible, I do not know as there is always room for improvement however, I would like to thank the SQA for the More >

The New Beijing

A Chinese Odyssey Part 2


The rather compact surroundings of a Chinese sleeper-bus

The liberalness of Dali was personified by its street-corner urchins: the old, dishevelled ‘ganja-dealerettes’ – but no amount of narcotics could prepare us for the Chinese sleeper bus.

It was said to be a bearable experience as long as you weren’t put the back. So we were stuffed at the back: caged chickens in the people-carrier equivalen More >


Java to Sulawesi: The Trials with Ventilation on a Pelni Ferry


The ever-increasing queue for the ferry, a good five hours or so before departure

As enchantingly diverse as Indonesia is, its ferries are a different prospect. A day and a night on one of these almost feels like you’re living within one glorious ambiguity: travelling rough on an ocean of wonderment.

A tight squeeze through the thousands of impatient passengers

I’m not sure how long we waited, More >


Great Places to Eat in the Highlands of Scotland


Caveat: Now, I have to say at the outset, that we were based in Inverness and Glencoe while we were in Scotland. Of COURSE there is great food elsewhere – but here are our favorites from where we were staying.

We loved Inverness – the people, scenery, dolphins at Chanonry Point, history at Culloden, shopping, and the access to the Glens of the Highlands – beautiful! But the food was incredible More >


A Chinese Odyssey: Part 1


Pollution in China can be devastating at times

Before I got on the plane to Beijing two recent incidents in China stood out, so much so that they carved a surreal image of the country that I was finding difficult to erase.

Firstly there were the scenes on the day of the 20th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square. Facebook was blocked, Twitter was blocked, even Hotmail was blocked; masses of contentiou More >


Death, According to the Animists


A family in the countryside of Tana Toraja

Sulawesi is predominantly Christian since it was colonised by the Dutch but if you came, trekked around the countryside and saw a funeral procession you’d know that it is Animism layered with Christianity, at best. Going to Church on a Sunday is as far as it goes.

The class-conscious ways in which the dead are laid to rest

This is Tana Toraja, Indonesi More >

The pool at the Gelert Spa

Budapest: spas and schnitzel


‘Lets go on holiday’, my closest friends said. ‘OK, but I’m not doing a cheesy beach thing again’ I said. So we, five girls in our twenties and thirties, ended up in Budapest for a week, with the aim of mixing a bit of culture with a bit of hedonism. When we arrived, the first thing that struck me about the city was how much it looked like I expected it to. Often, you think you know what a place More >

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